Licence endorsements examples


Below you will find the endorsement examples of different situations.

Holders of the privileges, MEP(land) with instrument flight privileges will look like this (Example A):


A holder of a PC12 with instrument privileges must have these lines in the licence, see (Example B):


In this case, the pilot may fly PC12 until 30.04.2023, but after 30.04.2022 the privileges may only be exercised VFR.

If the class or type rating expires before the applied instrument rating as in this example (Example C):


Here, the Bell206 privilege can be used until 31.05.2022 including the instrument privileges, but after 31.05.2022 no Bell206 privileges may be exercised, neither according to visual nor instrument flight rules.

Rules for MP aircraft are unchanged and these privileges will still be issued on one line only ie A320/IR etc. General rules for licence entry still apply.

Cross credit has the same expiration date as the IR on the privilege that was cross credited from. An example could be a pilot who holds MEP(land) and IR(A)MEP and on 30.11.2021 performs a proficiency check on A320/IR. See in "red text"  example D below how the Examiner can endorse the licence:

Example D