Temporary permit to exercise privileges

The "Temporary Permission to exercise privileges" form gives an examiner the possibility to issue an applicant a permission to use his just obtained privileges after the successful outcome of a skilltest or an instructor assessment of competence. This form can only be issued for Danish licence holders..Since this will remove the time period between the passed skilltest or assessment and the reception of the privileges, it will enhance safety. This permission will have a validity of maximum 8 weeks.
This form can only be used by examiners approved for skilltest or instructor assessment of competence and can only be used by the examiner performing the skilltest or instructor assessment. This form can only be used for initial issue of privileges and not for revalidation or renewal.

Use of this form in any other way, requires specific approval by authority.

It is acceptable that this form is issued to an ATO or operator by the Examiner in case basetraining or other requirement is missing, and then issued to applicant once this training has been completed. If this procedure is used, the Examiner and ATO/operator must satisfy themselves that all applicable requirements are meet, before the temp permit is passed on to the applicant.

This form can be used by Examiners to issue temporary permissions to Danish pilots. 

Examiners using this form, must be very careful to check that all requirements have been met, before issuing a temporary permission. A passed test will not always qualify an applicant to fly an airplane. Make sure that the applicant fulfills all other requirements that can exist according to current regulations including being the holder of a licence or certificate. Please review "lnstructions for issuing the temporary permission to exercise privileges" as well before using this form.

" Note

EASA has asked the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority to restrict the use of this temporary permission to exercise privileges not to apply for initial licence issue. This means that it is only possible to issue a temporary permission to act as pilot, to a person who is already the holder of a licence.