This procedure describes the contents of the Examiner training and in here you will also find required documentation needed for the training and for preparation.

A great deal of preparation is required, since the amount of knowledge an examiner needs to obtain is rather extensive.

The regulations provided in here is only the EASA regulations that applies to Examiners. The Examiners themselves are responsible for all specific regulations, doc 8168, doc 4444, Danish BL’s etc. 

This procedure is a general description and covers regulations for all types of Examiner training, therefore the Examiners must filter out the items that are not relevant in his or her specific case.

All elements in which the Examiner applicant will eventually be tested, are listed in this document GM to Examiner Training. It is recommended to study these items closely.

The main regulations used for Examiners are listed here. It is expected that the Examiner applicant will study all relevant parts of these regulations thoroughly.

The practical training includes a full check, test or assessment, dependent on what Examiner privileges that have been applied for. Further more, a number of small scenarious, covering all privileges applied for, will be trained.

It is recomended to study content and structure of test forms for the privileges applied very thorough.